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Here we take a look at the settings you should review before you start using Facebook.

When you have logged in to facebook you will find the settings to the right of the menu located at the top of the page.

From the beginning, Facebook use fairly restrictive settings and if you want you can leave the default settings as they are, but I recommend that you still go through this section to get an idea of ​​the choices you can make.

Once we got started with Facebook, it can be easy to forget that it is possible to control many aspects.

Most of it is pretty self explanatory but I go through the section about privacy and events because it is good to know what you can do for choice.


Privacy on Facebook

In the privacy section of the settings, you can choose between profile, search, events and logs, and applications. (If you want to read about privacy on Facebook you'll find a link on the bottom of the page on the right side).


Your Profil, the basics

Under the tab Basic you can now make extensive settings about who you want to see your information on facebook
From the beginning, everything is set to friends only so you really no need to make the settings as a beginner but it is good to know about it. For the different parts there are various choices to make. You can for example show some information for everyone but you can also choose to stop individiuals to see.

Maybe you have friends that you do not want to be up to date on everything you do. Suppose you have both private friends and business associates. Your personal friends like maybe posting photos where the tags yourself, eg from parties etc.. but you may not want your business associates will see them.

Contact information

Here you can control who can see your contact information.


Here you can choose which ones to search for you on Facebook, and also control what is to be seen if they can find you. Defaults work but it's good to know they exist.

News and log

During the events on Facebook, you can control when your friends will be updated.


Independent developers can build applications, ie. small programs with features that you can use. It can for example be to compete against your friends in quizzes and more. Applications have access to the information that you store on Facebook but you can choose for yourself what they have access to. Since Facebook can not guarantee complete control of applications, it is important that you think through what you want to share. In the "Overview" you will get more information about Applications and under "Settings" you can choose what information you want to share.

Events on facebook

To access the settings for events by selecting Settings and then the tab events.
You can now decide on which events you want Facebook to send an email to you.

Are you active on Facebook and have many active friends, it can be nice to not get an email as soon as something happened.


Something you should consider is to add an additional e-mail address.
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