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If facebook login doesn't work

Having trouble with the Facebook login?
Here you'll find some tips and things to consider, from the simple and obvious to some difficult problems:

Have you typed the correct username and password?

It may sound corny, but one of the most common mistakes when you have problems with the facebbok login is actually typing in the wrong information. If you have many email addresses and is a member of several websites, it is easy to get it wrong.
It is also easy to accidentally activate Caps lock so that all characters are uppercase.

Are you the only one using your computer, you can check the box "Remember me" when you are automatically logged in the next time you visit use the Facebook login.


Technical problems not unusual with facebook login

If you are absolutely sure you have entered the correct information and still have problems with Facebook login, it may well be that it is only a temporary problem. Try again periodically. Only if that does not work within a day or two you should get worried .. Facebook malfunctioning actually a little now and then. (Don't get angry on Facebook if it happens, you haven't pay anything for the service.)


Have you forgotten your Facebok password?

The link "Forgot you password" will guide you through restoring your password to Facebook. Enter the e-mail address in the form and enter the text in the image control will be sent an email to you with further instructions ..


If you have forgotten your email address?

Now it became more difficult. Your e-mail address is what identifies that you is you. There is a form on Facebook which you must use:

It may och may note help you. But it worth a try..


Do you not get a new password from Facebook?

A common problem is that the email from Facebook ends up as spam. If you have an email program where you have a separate folder for spam, check it out. If you can not find it, try again and ifyou will still not get a new password from Facebook, use this form: http://www.facebook.com/help/login.php


If you no longer have access to your e-mail address?

Now you've got serious problems. Many uses free accounts for their email and some of them will terminate automatically if it is idle. It also may also be that you use your email address at your school or workplace, and suddenly you have left school, or changing employers. You might have moved and got another internet provider, etc..

Your email address is the only "real" connection that Facebook has to you. You once confirmed it when you created your profile on Facebook and it's the only way that facebook can identify you.

Facebok advice is simply that you contact the provider where you had your email account so you can access it again ...
Sounds simple but in most cases it is quite impossible to bring back an old email address..

You last chance is to fill out the form on this link and is hoping for luck:



Avoid problems with your email

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Delete facebook?

Have you already used facebook and want to quit? It's not as easy as you could think to erase your facebook account..

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Advices about facebok

If you want to get some advices on facebook about security, integrity and other thing you should consider when you use facebook:

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