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Advices to parents with children that uses facebook

Here are a few advices to worried parents who have children who uses facebook.


Learn how facebook works

As a parent to children who use facebook, it is a good idea to begin to learn more about facebook. When you understand how it works and what can happen you then can to your children and inform them on how they should behave to be secure.

Do NOT sign in to your child's facebook account

You should definitely not try to use your child's account to login on Facebook to see what they are doing on facebook!

It's not morally defensible, and your child will completely lose confidence in you with the risk that they neverever will share anything with you. Respect their privacy!

It's better that you ask if you they can show you how facebook works and how they use it.

Become a member of facebook

To learn more you should become a member of facebook and then you also can apply to be a friend with your child.
In addition, you'll probably also find it funny and useful to have a facebook account..
Then you and your child also get a common interest to tal about.

Advice to give to your child

Any advice given on this site is of course relevant, but there are some things you should talk about with your child.

Do not accept unknown friends

It's possible to use false personal information and therefore you can never know who is applying to be your friend if you do not already know the person.

Assume that everyone can see what you do

Even that only your friends see what you write and the images you upload there is always a risk that it will be possible for others to see the infomraiton.
Images are searchable on the Internet and can be found by anybody, and your friends can always spread it out.
The risk is not huge but it is there.

Be careful with applications and ads

Not everyone that develops applications for facebook consider you security and privacy. Some applikatiorner has been shown to contain viruses and some of those who made applications access your the profile with information which is they then misuse.
The applications often uses separate websites where they can mislead you to inappropriate content or malicious code such different types of virus.

Don not run complete new applications.
Check if there alreadu are many that uses the applicationbefore you try it. Then you know it should be ok.


If you have not already done so, obtain an antivirus program.



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Avoid loosing your facebook account!

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