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Good manners on facebook

Everyone with an ounce of common sense can use facebook without appear as socially incompetent or an annoying idiot. But some good advice never hurts.


Use a real photo of yourself

If you want to have friends on facebook, it is a good start to use a picture where they can see that you are really you.
Sure there might be a fun idea to use a blurred close-up on your nose, a golf ball, a beer can or your favorite Gucci bag ..
But no, it's just annoying.

If people can not recognize you on your picture, they will not know if you are you and the risk is great that they don't want to be friends with you.

Do what you do in the real world

Do what you do in reality. Do you have many friends on facebook, you should think twicw before you send your message to everyones Walls. For example, do you have friends that you normally don't use to tell everything about yourself, you should probably not tell them facebook either.

Be careful with your status

Turn off the feature that allows your status changes to show. If your'e single, or together with someone, an becomes single again and then get back together with someone in a one week, it will be annoying to others..

If you have been together with someone you should not suddenly change the status to single without discussing it with your partner...

Pictures and tags

Think before you upload pictures of people or tags photos with others names. How fun would it feel if everone could watch embarrassing pictures of you?

Pictures on facebook can be seen from everyone, since it appears in searches on Google. And it is also possible for your friends to spread the pictures. When it's out onthe internet it's impossible to take it away.

Don't get 1000 friends.

It is just embarrassing because everone understand that you can't keep in touch with 1000 friends.

Don't be friends with everyone

Don't try to become friends with a lot of unknown people. Keep up to them you know. If you want to be friend with a friend of a friend tell them how you are.



Facts of facebbok

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Getting started with facebok

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Close your facebook Account?

If you no longer want to participate on facebook you can delete your facebook account. But it isn't completly easy..

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